Benefits of Pistachios for Women

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

Pistachios all around are healthy nuts and supply your body with all kinds of vitamins and minerals to help it function in a proper manner. Pistachios are tasty treats, but they’re also surprisingly good for you.

There have been many studies on pistachios and how they contribute to heart health, managing diabetes, strong immune systems, and the preservation of healthy eyes. Below we are highlighting some areas that women specifically may find themselves concerned with such as weight loss, gut health, strong bones, beautiful skin and hair, and even gestational diabetes.

Pistachios Can Help with Weight Management.

Key components to weight management include eating small, portion-controlled snacks throughout the day to bolster and maintain energy levels between meals. Relying on nutrient-rich foods that contain fiber, lean protein, and healthy fat is also key. Pistachios are a one-stop-shop, containing three grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein (pistachios are a complete protein), and 11 grams of heart-healthy fat per serving.

Did you know that a one-ounce serving of pistachios is 49 nuts—more nuts per serving than any other snack nut? Those 49 nuts contain just 160 calories and are also packed with nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

The act of opening each pistachio shell to get out the nut slows down the eating process, which can lead to greater satisfaction and fullness after eating.

A study found that people who ate a Mediterranean diet with either one ounce of nuts, such as pistachios, or one liter of olive oil per week, not only lost weight but had a 30% reduction in heart disease-related events—the same risk reduction attributed to some cholesterol-lowering drugs!

All of this information concludes that eating a Mediterranean diet with pistachios will help you with weight loss and strengthen your heart! That’s a fairly easy path to follow and great news for all pistachio lovers!


Pistachios Lend to Healthy Digestion.

Foods that support the health of our gut bacteria are extremely important to prevent illness and ensure we absorb as much nutrition from food as possible. In pistachios, this comes in the form of soluble fiber, which the bacteria living in the intestines are able to metabolize. Research shows that pistachios also possess prebiotic properties which support probiotic microorganisms in the digestive tract, protecting the body from infection and regulating the immune system. Regular consumption of pistachios may reduce risk factors for several diseases such as cancer, gastric ulcers
and other digestive conditions.


Pistachios Help Keep Skin Healthy.

Pistachios can help reduce acne by introducing antioxidants into your system that subsequently affect your blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar helps the cycle of androgen go through your system, reducing the chance of your body developing acne.

The trace mineral of copper is also found in pistachios which helps with collagen production—that which keeps the skin firm and elastic.

Pistachios contain Vitamin E, which is one of the best and most prescribed vitamins for preserving skin health. Vitamin E reflects some amount of UV radiation, helping to also suppress the amount of damage the skin can experience. Many cases of skin cancer are precipitated by excessive sun exposure, which causes unwanted mutations to occur in skin cells. While sunblock is good, it only lasts for a limited duration after which you are left vulnerable once more. Pistachios contain protective Vitamin E in the form of gamma-tocopherol, which blocks penetration of the harmful UV rays into the skin where they cause damage. Vitamin E also helps safeguard cell membranes from the effects of UV damage and dehydration, helping fortify the health of the cells.


Pistachios Promote Growth of Lush Hair.

The growth of lush hair requires a steady supply of multiple vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and biotin. Pistachios contain both of these nutrients as well as the circulation-enhancing amino acid L-arginine. A common cause of hair loss is poor blood flow to the hair follicles, which makes all the nutrients in the world useless. An adequate supply of nutrients also supports normal hair growth cycles


Pistachios Help with Bone Health.

The list of nutrients in pistachios is long, but calcium, vitamin K and phosphorous, all critical for maintaining healthy bone density, really stand out. Just one cup of pistachios provides 132 milligrams of calcium and 16.2 micrograms of vitamin K. That works out to more than 10% of the recommended daily intake of each for older adults.


Pistachios Help Protect you from Gestational Diabetes.

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) prevalence is estimated at 9.8 – 25.5% worldwide.  Elevated blood sugar during pregnancy not only impacts the mother’s health, but it may also increase the baby’s risk of developing diabetes.  A recent study suggests that consuming pistachios may help maintain blood sugar levels while providing essential nutrients to the mother and baby during pregnancy.


Pistachios are an excellent source of good fat, fiber, antioxidants, nutrients, and protein. They have higher protein than cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, and cashews. The fat content is also the lowest compared to the other nuts. The bottom line is that if you haven’t been eating pistachios, you need to start doing it right now! Next time you are in the store, pick up a bag or order them farm-fresh from Heart of the Desert.



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