Corporate Gift Giving

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018
company gifts and gift baskets from Heart of the Desert in New Mexico

Is it ever really too early to start considering your corporate gift giving? It’s smart to make notes of what your clients and coworkers (as well as friends and family) like throughout the year to make the process easier when it’s time to start buying for the holidays. If you are on a budget, buying throughout the year doesn’t hurt either.

Here are some great ideas that work for clients, colleagues and even those that you don’t know intimately:

Sweet Treats:

Seriously, who doesn’t like chocolate? I’ll admit, I have heard of a few, but it’s few and far between. Mix it up with some milk chocolate, dark chocolate and even white, if you like. Add in some cookies, caramel corn or nut brittle. There are always chocolate covered coffee beans for that extra zip in your day or maybe add kick with chilies or wasabi.

It’s always fun to pick a vendor to buy from that maybe not everyone is familiar with, so they think you are “in the know”. Plus, it helps that company grow if they love the product. Consider buying from a local chocolatier or from a place you stumbled upon in your travels, like Heart of the Desert.


According to the National Coffee Association, 64% of the population in the US start the day with a cup of coffee. We need our caffeine to kick start the day. Many also have additional cups throughout the day. The majority brew at least their first cup at home. So, coffee is a good bet for gift giving.

Sure, you could give Starbucks gift cards. They are good for a mocha or Frappuccino, but for serious coffee drinkers they won’t do. Choosing a local roast or finding a special coffee that not just anyone can pick-up, is a real treat. Consider coffees roasted in New Mexico or in your hometown. Pair it up with a travel hot cup with your company logo, or even a grinder if you go with whole beans, and you have a winner of a gift!

Life of the Party:

Alcohol is always an elegant gift to receive. Though, it is best to know your receiver’s preference of craft beer, wine or scotch. If you don’t really know, wine is always safe. Red is good with red meats and whites with most everything else.

When buying alcohol, it’s a good idea to stick with highly-valued labels. Though if you want to be different, go back and order something you tried and enjoyed on your travels or from a local vintner, brewer or distiller. The excitement of trying something new and really liking it, is priceless.


Many companies have strict gift receiving policies and say that you can’t accept something unless it’s under a certain dollar amount or can be shared with the office. The easiest way around this is to provide a snack basket for the office.

Gourmet snacks are always a hit. Fill it with things that everyone will love, but don’t necessarily buy for themselves on a regular basis. Think pistachios or other nuts, candies, cookies, dried fruits, popcorn, pretzel crisps or healthy potato chips for those with a salty craving. Heart of the Desert makes is super easy to order baskets for your clients and even allow for custom screen printing with your company logo.

Accent a space:

According to CNN Money, adults employed full-time in the United States work an average of 47 hours per week. That equates to a lot of office hours. Because we spend so much time at work, our desks and office spaces can become quite personal.

Unique art to decorate workspaces and walls adds character and breaks the mold of traditional gifting. Go for unique items that are specific to the receiver. When searching, keep personal characteristics of the recipient in mind like favorite sports teams, hobbies or interests, to find a true treasure.


As we said above, we work hard in the good ‘ole USA. Giving the gift of relaxation, such as a day at the spa or even just a certificate for a massage, really shows you care.

Spa treatments are a luxury that people often don’t purchase for themselves, so sharing the benefits of wellness goes a long way. According to the American Psychological Association, stress levels are on the rise, with nearly a quarter of Americans saying they are “highly stressed,” so a spa day can provide the perfect way to unwind. This is an ideal gift for those you’re closer to, as it’s a rather personal gift.

Heart of the Desert is a working pistachio ranch and vineyard with four retail establishments in New Mexico. They are best known for their farm fresh pistachios and Award-Winning New Mexico wines. Each store offers wine and pistachio tastings. They offer worldwide shipping and produce attractive gourmet baskets that make great corporate and family gifts. The main store, on the ranch in Alamogordo, offers farm tours that showcases how pistachios are grown and processed as well as a stunning Tuscany themed patio that overlooks the groves and is available for weddings, private parties or enjoying a relaxing glass of wine.