Gift Baskets Make Great Corporate Gifts

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Gift giving between companies is big business. It’s estimated that six out of ten companies give corporate gifts during the holiday season. Everyone from small business owners to Fortune 500 corporations recognize that gift-giving to their best customers and prospects is a smart marketing strategy, as well as, a sincere expression of thanks. Spending on something as seemingly simple as a holiday gift basket can have a big payoff. Here is why they make such great corporate gifts.

Gift Baskets Have Something for Everyone

You know your clients’ business well and you really know how your product or service adds value. The likelihood that you know what size shirt they wear, their favorite color or their hobby, is slim.

A carefully crafted gift basket will include items for everyone. Even if they don’t like everything in the basket, they will enjoy some of the items and will be happy to share the rest.

Gift Baskets are Made to be Shared AND Discussed

A corporate gift basket sent to an individual is likely to be shared with that person’s team or colleagues. Many companies have policies about receiving gifts, unless it’s something that can be shared, they are often frowned upon. Therefore, food gift baskets are often placed in common areas for everyone to enjoy and discuss. Everyone will want to know where the basket came from!

Gift Baskets Are Safe

While gift baskets are proven to make great business gifts, they are not the only option. They are the best and safest option, however. You could go with a gift card; however, it would show that you put very little effort into the thought process and there is a good chance the receiver won’t be able to accept it due to corporate gifting policies. In fact, most business gifting policies specifically call out food as an acceptable gift and specifically prohibit gift cards. Even scented candles make a better business gift than gift cards in the corporate setting, because at least they won’t get your recipient fired.

Gift Baskets Stand Out and Hang Around a While

Most businesses send out holiday gifts to their top clients, so it’s likely that your gift won’t be the only one received. Gift baskets are designed to be consumed over time, so your act of generosity and gratitude will be remembered for days or even weeks after the gift arrives.

Gift Baskets Incorporate Your Brand Tastefully

Great corporate business gifts should incorporate your brand and company, but not at the detriment of the gift itself. You can get creative on how to incorporate your brand into the basket. From screen printed containers to branded ribbon, there are multiple ways you can brand items without diminishing the value of the gift.

Gift Baskets Offer High Perceived Value and Fit Any Budget

Any well-constructed gift basket will provide great presentation value. When done right, a gift basket will be aesthetically pleasing, offer a wide variety of items that people like, offer high perceived value AND fit within your budget.

Buying Gift Baskets is Easy

Holiday time is a busy season for everyone! Most people don’t have days or weeks available to spend planning and purchasing business gifts for all their clients. Companies like Heart of the Desert have multiple baskets available to choose from, that can be customized to your specific needs and budget. They will handle all the packaging and shipping, too, so all you must do is submit your order and sit back and wait for the accolades.

Yep, gift baskets really do make the best corporate gifts. They offer many options, are popular in the workplace, are widely accepted within corporate gift receiving policies and will make the selecting and purchasing process easy for you.

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