Holiday DIY Craft Ideas: Pistachios & Wine Bottles

Monday, December 12th, 2022

Upcycling and repurposing have been a trend for the last few years.  People come up with some of the most unique ideas and it saves what many would consider trash from hitting the landfill. We searched the internet for some fun Christmas craft ideas using pistachio shells and wine bottles since they are the leftovers you will have after enjoying our Heart of the Desert pistachios and wines

Pistachio Shell Christmas Trees

Blessed Beyond Crazy, a mother-daughter team, came up with these great pistachio Christmas trees. All you need is a Styrofoam craft cone and some hot glue… and, well, of course, your leftover pistachio shells after you’ve finished snacking. These cute trees only took about 35-45 minutes of work.

If you want to dress them up, consider using pipe cleaners for garland, small cotton balls for lights, a small star for the top, or whatever else your imagination conjures up! 

If you are ready to try making these trees check out their website here: Blessed Beyond Crazy

Pistachio Shell Ornaments

Better Homes and Garden shared this lovely ornament idea using pistachio shells.  These take an egg-shaped Styrofoam, hot glue, and pistachio shells.  Pretty it up with some ribbon and maybe even some glitter paint.  

Find the instructions for this ornament on BHG

Snowmen Wine Bottles

Lipstick on the Lake shared this cute snowman DIY project with wine bottles.  You’ll need acrylic paint, brushes, felt, ribbon, and hot glue for this project. Obviously, you also need your leftover Heart of the Desert wine bottles once you’ve savored every last drop. 

Get the DIY instructions for this project here.

Light-up Wine Bottles

Lighting up wine bottles used to be a chore because you would need to cut a hole in the bottom of the glass for the cord.  Now you can buy wine bottle lights that have the power switch in the cork for the top.  So easy.  Just search “wine bottle lights” on Amazon to find what you are looking for. 

Your creativity comes in to design them.  You can paint them however you want.  You can use stencils and frost around them.  You can use sticky back foam shapes and spray paint around them.  Or just leave them as they are. Only your imagination holds you back. 

Wine Cork Wreath

How about this wine cork wreath created by My Turn For Us?  If you have been collecting wine corks for quite a while, this project may be just for you.  

You’ll need a foam wreath, hot glue and lots of corks.  Add some festive berries and Christmas greenery to make it festive.

Get the DIY details here.

We hope you have fun trying some of these ideas.  We had fun researching them and are ready to try some of our own.  If you need more pistachio shells and wine bottles, place your order for snacking and festive drinking on our website,

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