How Pistachios Support A Healthy Paleo Diet

Friday, July 28th, 2017
heart healthy pistachios

Have you just started a Paleo diet? Are you trying to find healthy, Paleo friendly snacks? Pistachios are a great snack choice for those on a Paleo diet. This diet is free of the refined foods, trans fat, and sugars present in most modern diets. Eating Paleo means consuming only unprocessed foods like leafy greens, nuts, fruits, and grass-fed meat. Pistachios are a welcome addition to just about any diet, and they fit the standards of the this meal plan. Here are some tips to maximize the health benefits of pistachios in your Paleo diet.

Use portion control

Pistachios are high in fiber, low in bad fats, and cholesterol free. Although unsaturated fats, like those in this snack, are better for you, it is best to eat wisely. Pistachios are perfect if you are attempting to stick to a low-fat, Paleo diet. Portion control is vital to any successful diet, and since most pistachios come shelled, you have to slow down and unshell them as you eat. The unshelling process will help you snack more slowly.

Know the health benefits

Pistachios are full of B vitamins, especially B1 (Thiamine) and B6. These nuts also contain manganese, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. They are a healthy source of polyphenols and fiber, both of which help you maintain a healthy gut biome. By eating pistachios as part of your Paleo diet, you are improving the health of your stomach naturally.

Pistachios are also a heart-healthy snack, particularly because they help lower bad cholesterol levels. These nuts provide many essential vitamins and minerals, protein, fiber, and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They also provide an array of phytochemicals, which are a wide variety of compounds made by plants that are thought to help promote health and well-being.

Where to find a variety of healthy pistachios and snacks

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