Heart of the Desert Pistachios

Heart of the Desert Pistachios are the home-grown product of Eagle Ranch in Alamogordo, New Mexico. As fruit on the tree, our pistachios are kissed by the southwestern sun, nurtured and pampered into maturity by George, our resident farmer and fearless leader. Our pistachios are harvested, processed, packaged right on the farm – guaranteeing the freshness and value of our pistachios are second-to-none.

Our award winning pistachios come in nine unique flavors. Our original recipes were cooked up by Gordon Schweers, son of Eagle Ranch owners, George & Marianne Schweers, and taste-tested by a cast of thousands!

For the “pistachio purist” we have the traditional salted & roasted, or unsalted & roasted pistachios. For the more adventurous, we have flavored pistachios in red chile, red chile & lime, extra hot red chile, Hatch green chile kernels, garlic & green chile, and garlic & onion.

We’re pretty proud of our tasty pistachios. The green chile pistachios were named a “Best Product” at the NASFT Winterpistachios Fancy Food Show by “Gourmet Retailer” magazine, and the accolades have continued from there.

We love cooking with pistachio kernels and we bet you will too. Pistachios are easy to use in recipes and add a unique flavor that you’ve just got to try! Kernels (no shell) can be purchased salted & roasted, unsalted & roasted, or as Hatch green chile flavored.

Our pistachios are sold in a traditional burlap sack, as well as in attractive, resealable plastic packaging. We cater to the needs of each individual so whether you want a quick snack, or a stocked pantry, we offer something to satisfy any appetite. Go ahead – grab a 1/2 lb. bag for yourself, or share a five-pound sack with the family!

We also offer a variety of pistachio candies, cookies and gourmet food products and gifts. From spicy to sweet, we have something for everyone!

Taste for yourself why customers around the globe clamor for Heart of the Desert Pistachios.


Pistachio Selections



Salted & Roasted Pistachios

The traditional way to enjoy pistachios! We lightly salt and roast our pistachios to bring out their sweet delicious flavor.

Did you know…a ground-breaking study conducted through Penn State University showed that eating pistachios reduced bad (LDL) cholesterol, total cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation in the body, and increased antioxidant levels in the blood.


Unsalted & Roasted Pistachios

Pistachios are a naturally sweet nut. Our unsalted/roasted nuts focus your taste buds on just the flavor of the nuts. Keep some in the car when you’re on the go to help you eat well wherever your day takes you!

It is shown that those who eat pistachios experience a significant reduction of the biological effects of acute stress, such as blood pressure. Pistachios also provide potassium, which is important in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Just a single serving (49 nuts) provides the same amount of protein in an ounce of soybeans.


Salted & Roasted Kernels (Shelled Pistachios)

Tired of shelling all those delicious pistachios? Have we got a deal for you! Heart of the Desert Pistachio Kernels are already shelled and ready to eat. Use them in cooking – or top a bowl of ice cream with them. They’re a tasty treat anytime!

There are 49 pistachios in a single serving –serving up to 20% of your daily value of vitamin B6.


Red Chile Pistachios (In-Shell)

Ready for a real taste of the southwest then try our wonderful red chile pistachios! Suck on the shell and learn what real chile flavor is! The heat index on the Red Chile Pistachios are a 5 or 6.


Red Chile & Lime Pistachios (In-Shell)

You asked for it, and here it is! We’ve combined our delicious red chile recipe with the tangy citrus flavor of fresh limes to create our newest pistachio taste sensation. Our new Red Chile & Lime flavored pistachios are a treat you’ll love! The heat index on the Red Chile Pistachios are a 5 or 6.


Extra Hot Red Chile Pistachios (In-Shell)

The same flavor as our Red Chile pistachios only bumped up a notch. We’ve added a touch of habanero and jalapeno chile for our fiery friends! The heat index on the Extra-Hot Red Chile Pistachios are a 8 or 9.


Green Chile Pistachios (Shelled)

The official question for the state of New Mexico is “Red or Green”? Of course, the question refers what type of chile you prefer. Try our one of a kind green chile pistachios and discover a whole new taste sensation. We use a fresh Hatch green chile in processing these nuts, and oh what a difference they make! Green chile pistachios come already shelled – so you can enjoy them even more. The heat index on the Green Chile Pistachios are a 3 or 4.


Garlic & Green Chile Pistachios (In-Shell)

A slightly different flavor than our Green Chile pistachios these nuts are bursting with the robust flavor of fresh garlic. (also made with fresh Hatch green chile) The heat index on the Garlic & Green Chile Pistachios are a 5 or 6.


Garlic & Onion Pistachios (In-Shell)

Our newest pistachios celebrate some of our favorite flavors – garlic and onion!

Bursting with the savory goodness of garlic, we’ve added the warm, earthy flavor of roasted onions. It’s a combination you’ll love.