Planting, Growing, and Caring For Pistachio Trees

Care Instructions

Dig a hole a little larger than the dirt in the pot. The level of the dirt in the pot should be ground level after planting. Remove the bottom of the pot by tearing or cutting it away from the sides of the pot. Check to see if there are any long roots curled at the bottom. If there are, cut those off even with the dirt. This “root pruning” will actually stimulate more roots to form. Make a cut up the side of the pot, but do not remove it yet. Set the potted plant in the hole and fill in the hole loosely with dirt. Now remove the pot by gently pulling it up. “Heel in” or tamp the loose dirt around the tree. Water in well. Do not put fertilizer in the hole during the planting procedure, but do fertilize with a tree fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium each spring, following manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep the tree in good moisture content April through mid-September. Do not water October or November to aid the tree in going dormant. After the tree is dormant, a monthly watering during the winter months will help the tree be more cold resistant.


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