Mr. and Mrs. Eanes (Johnson wedding)

Monday, August 1st, 2022

We kept hearing about the Heart of the Desert how it is a beautiful venue for a wedding. My husband and I thought it was out of our price range, their is no way we could afford it~ just wasn’t going to be an option for us. We originally planned the wedding for our grand daughter in Ruidoso National Recreation Park. Due to fire restrictions our plans were cancelled. We made an appointment with Marla and she was able to get us scheduled. She reduced our stress and gave us peace of mind. Marla provided impeccable service she worked with us on everything she was very organized. Marla handled every crisis that arose. We could not have done it with out her. We appreciate her professional, tranquil, calm, patient, and gracious behavior at all times. Marla went above and beyond through wind and rain. Truly, She was amazing from start to finish she pulled it all together for us. She made it a beautiful and memorable day that we will never forget. Thank you again for your services that you provide. I will definitely recommend how fantastic The Heart of the Desert is to everyone I know.