The Gift Shop

Visitors begin their experience at the farm when they enter the front door of the Gift Shop. “Eagle Ranch” is the name of the farm where we grow the pistachios and “Heart of the Desert” is the trade-name of all of our products. Folks know us by either name.


The front porch includes seating where visitors are encouraged to sit and enjoy views of Sierra Blanca and the Sacramento Mountains. Step inside and you are welcomed by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.


We carry a large and varied selection of southwestern style gifts, as well as our gourmet quality nuts, cookies, candy and wine. Visit our Online Store, or whenever you are in the area, come see us! Our store hours are Monday – Saturday 8:00 am to 6 pm and Sunday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


Our harvest of gourmet, kosher certified pistachios are available in-shell, or out of the shell as nutmeats, and come as salted, unsalted, or flavored.

We encourage each visitor to savor the taste of a fresh pistachio. Many folks have no idea just how delicious this can be. All of our pistachio products can be sampled, including our pistachio ice cream and pistachio gelato.


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