Travel is ALL About Experiences

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

More than half of Americans say they are saving for travel and the focus is on experiences vs. material things. Finding Instagrammable moments on their journeys are a priority!

Depth of the Experience

Baby Boomers still love their tour buses and cruises where they don’t have to do much planning, as it is all done for them. The younger generations want to dig in and see the sights and experience the culture of everywhere they go. They want to learn how things work, eat local cuisine, meet the people and truly experience the destinations they travel to.

Social Media and Travel

Young Americans do all of their research online and much of it through social media. Often hotels and activities are nixed if they have a string of bad online reviews. Millennials and Gen Z will post polls about the locations they are interested in visiting on social media platforms and ask their friends opinions for places to go and what to do. They are interested in activities, restaurants, and those unique experiences that not everyone knows about. They will even make their decisions on where to go based on friends posts of places they’ve been. Again, those Instagrammable moments are so important.

Importance of Travel

Young Americans are serious about travel and willing to do a lot to make it to new destinations, including taking an extra job, selling possessions, staying off the Internet, and even postponing a breakup. Despite these sacrifices, they will still stay connected when traveling, so the opportunity exists to keep the conversation with the consumer going beyond the initial travel purchase.

How Heart of the Desert fits the Bill

Heart of the Desert is many things to many people. We invite the Boomers on their buses and RV’s to stop in, take a tour or watch a video, do some tastings and some shopping. For the younger crowd, we hope you will take the tour to learn about where pistachios come from, how they grow and how they are processed. There aren’t many places in the United States that you can experience this. We invite you to do a wine tasting, then take a glass of your favorite wine out on the Tuscan themed patio to relax among the pistachio trees. Take your photo enjoying a glass of wine or in front of the building with the 26’ light-up heart. Don’t forget to post it on Facebook and/or Instagram so your friends know where you are. Make sure to tag us so we can #repost!

Heart of the Desert is a working pistachio ranch and vineyard with four retail establishments in New Mexico. They are best known for their farm fresh pistachios and Award-Winning New Mexico wines. Each store offers wine and pistachio tastings. They offer worldwide shipping and produce attractive gourmet baskets that make great corporate and family gifts. The main store, on the ranch in Alamogordo, offers farm tours that showcases how pistachios are grown and processed as well as a stunning Tuscany themed patio that overlooks the groves and is available for weddings, private parties or enjoying a relaxing glass of wine.