Valentine’s Day: What should I get my significant other?

Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Have you ever noticed that a lot of guys get super intimidated by Valentine’s Day? Many will go on this rant about it being a Hallmark holiday and that they don’t want to celebrate it. They feel pressure to provide a personal, thoughtful and romantic gift and experience. They’d rather not celebrate it than let you down. Ladies feel some of this pressure, but it often falls mostly on the guys. If you want a particular experience, don’t be afraid to turn the tables and take the lead. It’s way better than being disappointed. In the meantime, here are some tried and true suggestions for Valentines Day gifts and experiences, no matter the stage of your relationship.

A New Relationship

Maybe you have only been on a few dates, you like each other, but you are still new to each other and don’t know many of each other’s preferences. Don’t panic! Find a cute card that isn’t too mushy, maybe funny and a small gift to go with it. Perhaps some chocolates, or a nice bottle of wine or liquor of choice. This will keep it casual but let them know you are thinking of them. A casual dinner out is also a nice addition for the day. Make sure not to make a big to-do about it and don’t get your hopes up for a huge romantic gesture.

An Established Relationship

You are in a committed relationship and you know quite a bit about each other, what should you do now? It’s time to get a bit personal. Know that he’s a diehard basketball fan? Get him tickets to the game! She really wants to go see someone in concert, make that happen. And guess what, you get to go, too! Even if it’s not your favorite thing, pony up for the event, your significant other will be thrilled, and you’ll be happy you brought a smile. What to do besides the gift? It’s time to plan a romantic evening. Experiences are more memorable than anything. Is it a fancy dinner out or a lovely home-cooked meal with some wine? Maybe it’s a sunset picnic on the beach? Whatever invokes that special feeling of warmth, is what you want to go with.

A Long-Time Relationship

By this point, you have probably given up lavish outings, for curling up on the couch together. It’s still important to recognize each other and bring a little intimacy into the day. The gift? Something personal they have had their eye on that they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. Maybe it’s a nice watch, a designer bag or custom piece. Spend the evening curled up on the couch together watching a romantic comedy or splurge on a couple’s massage. Perhaps a weekend escape? You know what brings you shared pleasure when you spend time together.

For Everyone

Valentine’s Day has two sides, especially with social media in play. The grand gesture in your significant other’s workplace is almost a must. Send some beautiful flowers or a basket of chocolates. Whether we like it or not, there is a bit of competition between the ladies to see whose S.O. performs the best!

Put a little thought into Valentine’s Day and make it something both of you will be pleased with. The worst thing Valentine’s Day can do, is leave one or the other disappointed. Don’t be afraid to have a real conversation about it, so you are both on the same page.

Cheers to romance!

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