What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are times to celebrate those folks that brought us into the world. We get so busy with life that we often forget to pause and think about what our parents would appreciate most from us on their special day. We covered Mother’s Day in May, you can read that by clicking here. We’re going to dig deeper on what dads would really like for Father’s Day and you might be surprised. It’s definitely NOT ties and socks. Just like Mother’s Day, we discovered that the age of the children makes a difference.


Just like moms, the number one thing dads want from their adult children, is their time. If you can, go hang out with your dad for the day. Spend the day doing things he likes. Obviously, that is going to look different for every dad. Head out to the golf course or off to a baseball game. Maybe pull out a deck of cards and get a game going. Whatever it may be, your pops will be thrilled to have you spend some quality time with him. Can’t get there? Set up a time for a FaceTime (or similar) chat over coffee.


Surprise! Dads actually want to spend some time with the whole family together. With their busy schedules, dads often don’t have the opportunity to do hang out with their kids and wife like they’d like to. Plan a family vacation or even a day out together. Maybe pack everybody up with a picnic and hit the park, lake or beach (don’t forget the sunscreen), for a fun day in the sun. It will be memorable for everyone.

A Day to Himself

Dads also like to have time to do the things they like to do, especially with young ones at home. It may be a day on the golf course with his buddies, or uninterrupted time to catch up on his reading and to catch a nap. Every dad is unique and has his own way of enjoying a day.

BBQ & Beer

You may be noticing a trend here…dads want to hang out with their favorite people. Stock the house with his favorite meats to BBQ, make sure you have plenty of propane or coal, throw together some sides and don’t forget the beer. Maybe select his favorite craft brew for this special occasion. Feel free to invite some friends over and the extended family for this gathering.

Something Meaningful to Him

Can’t make it to hang out with dad or just want to take him something along with your time? This is your chance to see what you really know about your dad. You may need to enlist mom in this. Maybe he is a golfer and wants a specific new club, or he is a military service veteran and would like something to proudly display his service. These are the gifts that will really touch him, so choose carefully.

A Basket Filled with All of His Favorite Things

Hopefully, you know what your dad likes. But if you don’t, enlist your mom for some ideas. It could include his favorite snacks, bottle of wine or bourbon, some great cigars, a book by his favorite author (maybe even autographed), Tickets to an upcoming show or game that you know he would love – if you can go with him, even better!

The Card and Message

Don’t discard the CARD! For younger kids, let them pick them out. Dads love to see their kids’ personality through the card they pick. Make sure you write a special note for dad letting him know how you feel about him. If you can evoke a chuckle, even better!

Make Father’s Day all about dad. Try not to think of Father’s Day as an obligation, instead think of it as a celebration of the man that brought you into this world, or gave you kids, if you’re the mom trying to figure it out for your husband. It’s really not about stuff. It’s about being together and enjoying each other’s company. It’s about showing your dad you really do care about him. Make your dad’s day! There will come a time that he is no longer around, and you’ll wish you had one more chance to tell him how you feel and make him feel special. Tell him you love him, while you still can!

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