What’s a Wine Lover to Do?

Friday, April 10th, 2020
woman in black shirt and blue jeans drinking glass of red wine outside

As getting out has become more and more difficult with all the restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, our preferred adult beverage stashes are becoming diminished. What’s a wine lover to do?

Maintain a Strong Immunity

First, it’s most important to maintain a strong immunity. Proper diet, exercise and adequate sleep are key ingredients to accomplish this. Just as important is managing stress. Stress can wreak havoc on immunity and stress is running very high right now.

In addition to meditation or yoga, another way to reduce stress is to spend a few minutes with a glass of wine. Not only will it relax you, it will also aid digestion. Scientists have discovered that red wine has anti-viral properties. An ingredient of red wine, resveratrol, also found in grape juice, raspberries and other foods, can reduce the effects of viruses. Studies have shown that resveratrol is effective against a number of viruses, including the MERS coronavirus. The concentrations of resveratrol used in the studies are likely higher than in your glass, but a glass or two a day of red wine can’t hurt. It’s thought that thick-skinned red grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon tend to have higher concentrations of healthy polyphenols like resveratrol, although the thinner-skinned Merlot grape has also been found to be high in resveratrol.

Take in Some Sunshine

Enjoy your glass of red wine outdoors. The sunshine vitamin – vitamin D – is known to have an important role in facilitating normal immune system function. It also helps fight disease, reduces depression and boosts weight-loss. It’s also known that pathogens are more likely to be transmitted indoors rather than outdoors. So, take some time to sit on your patio or in your backyard enjoying a glass of red wine in the sunshine.

Where to Get Wine

Several states have loosened up their liquor laws during this shutdown to help restaurants trying to stay afloat and are allowing them to deliver wine, beer and even mixed drinks with food delivery. Check with your favorite restaurant for options. Instacart doesn’t just deliver from your grocery store, they are also working with many liquor stores to get you your supplies, without having to stand in line or go out. If your preferred wine isn’t available through retail, have a look online at your favorite winery and see if they can ship to you.

Relax with a Good Wine Movie or Book

Now that you have your wine and want to be entertained, consider streaming a wine-themed movie. Many are available, consider Wine Country, Bottle Shock, Sideways, Uncorked and A Good Year. For an extensive list of wine movies visit Wine Folly. Or put your nose in a good fictional wine novel such as Nose, The Dark Vineyard or Vintner’s Daughter.

Take some time to enjoy your wine. Cheers!

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