World Chocolate Day

Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

A Holiday worth salivating…we mean celebrating!

Is there a more perfect and versatile food in this world than chocolate? Enjoy it hot or cold, liquid, solid, or mixed with nuts and fruit. The typically sweet food can even be enjoyed as a savory dish (have you tried Mexican mole?) And most importantly, it pairs well with wine. *swoon*

That being said, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there is a holiday called “World Chocolate Day.” We celebrate it on July 7. This is a day where everyone around the globe can honor and indulge in this sweet treat. It is believed that the holiday commemorates the approximate day that chocolate was introduced into Europe in the 1500s. No matter what the reason, we’re on board. If you haven’t made your plans yet, let us give you a few reasons why you definitely want to celebrate this fantastic holiday.

Five reasons why you should celebrate World Chocolate Day today!


1. Chocolate has a rich history

Did you know that humans have enjoyed chocolate for at least 4,000 years? It is made from the fruits of the cacao trees, and although there is no written history, traces of cacao were found in
ancient Olmec pots dating back to 1500 BC! Written proof of the importance of chocolate is found in Mayan culture, where it was used as a ceremonial drink. In fact, the word “chocolate”
comes from the Mayan word “xocoatl,” which means bitter water. Eventually, chocolate was introduced to Spain in the 1500s and quickly spread all over Europe. Soon after, different countries put their spin on it, mixing it with sugar and various spices according to their cultural tastes. Today it is enjoyed worldwide, especially on World Chocolate Day!

2. It has antioxidant properties.

Good news! Chocolate can actually be good for you… in small quantities, that is. Antioxidants are substances that delay cell damage by fighting free radicals in your body. Cocoa (aka cacao) contains flavanols which are antioxidants! Since a lot of chocolate is refined with sugar added, it’s important to look at the labels of the chocolate you eat. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa than milk chocolate, and typically, the higher percentage of cocoa (70% or more), the healthier the chocolate is! So it’s a-ok to rejoice that your favorite treat is beneficial in small doses!

3. It was once used as currency!

Imagine going to the store and paying in chocolate! Chocolate was so valuable during the Classic Maya period (250-900 CE) that cacao beans were used in trading and bartering. Similarly, the Aztecs in the 14th-16th century valued cacao beans higher than gold. They even believed that cacao seeds were a gift from the gods. We couldn’t agree more!

4. Chocolate can put you in a better mood

Need to practice some self-care? Indulge in some chocolate! Chocolate boosts a neurotransmitter in our brain called serotonin, which reduces depression and anxiety. Similar to antioxidant properties, it’s important to opt for dark chocolate that is less refined and has less sugar added. While consuming small amounts of chocolate is good for your mood, eating large amounts of sugar can lead to weight gain, etc. Enjoy in moderation!

5. Everybody’s Doing It!

Alright, we admit that this isn’t a good reason to do something; however, chocolate in the United States is a HUGE industry. According to a 2015 study, we consume 18% of the world’s chocolate and spend over $20 billion yearly on the sweet treat. The USA is not the world’s biggest consumer of chocolate, however. Do you know who it is? It’s Switzerland! In Switzerland, they estimate that citizens eat almost 20lbs per capita per year!


At Heart of the Desert, we LOVE celebrating chocolate by combining it with our favorite New Mexican Flavors. Our pistachio bark, chocolate-covered pistachios, and toffee are all made with rich, delicious chocolate and our home-grown pistachios. You can even go for dark chocolate options to get those extra antioxidants! Be sure to check out our website to see all of our decadent chocolate and candy options! Or head into one of our Southern New Mexico locations.

Beware! Although chocolate is the HOT topic this month, the candy likes cool temperatures. Almost all chocolate fully melts at 97*F or above, and shipping during the summer months can mean your product will arrive a little melted. We recommend waiting until cooler months for ordering online. If you can’t wait, no problem. Just stick the product in the freezer when it arrives to harden it up again! It may not be pretty, but the taste will not be affected. Now, what could be sweeter? If you are in Southern New Mexico, head on it to get your favorites and bring a cooler to transport.





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